Bakman Water Company


Tradition of Excellence



Bakman Water Company has been operating in the Central Valley for over 70 years. Currently in their fourth generation in the water industry, water is a vital part of the Bakman family heritage. Appreciation for the business of providing a life-sustaining element has grown from their extensive experience, continued innovation, and decades of hard work. The culture at Bakman Water builds on a tradition of serving customers with pride.

In the 1940’s, the landscape of southeast Fresno began to change from agricultural to residential. Originally farmers themselves, the Bakmans saw the demand for residential housing and commercial shopping in the area and began to subdivide sections of their ranch. To solve the problem created by a Health Department requirement of one well per acre, and no other nearby municipal services, the Bakmans decided to provide the water themselves. Bakman Water Company formed in 1948 and put in a community water system to meet the increasing water demands of a growing community. As the area continued to develop, the water system grew along with it. 

Throughout the years, the company attributes its success to customer loyalty and smart growth through innovation. Bakman Water Company currently serves over 20,000 people across two counties.


Our Mission

To provide high-quality water that meets or exceeds all regulatory standards while diligently and effectively serving our customers and community with pride. We will treat every employee with respect and dignity as we promote continual development and harbor a culture of diversity, communication, and teamwork.  We shall strive to grow, expand, and advance innovatively and wisely along with our community and industry.


Community Connection

Bakman Water Company has a longstanding history of serving the community with excellence. Today, the Bakman vision and dedication to the community live on, not only in the delivery of water but through their contributions to education, sports and recreation, and sustainable development. Our dedicated staff continually strives to provide a safe and sustainable supply of water in a cost efficient and dependable manner in each community we serve. Bakman Water employs industry experts that are ready to resolve each of our customers’ unique needs and challenges. The staff are recognized locally and statewide for their expertise in water, and sit on numerous water boards.